"An energy that we all have from time immemorial"

Code Green is a telecommunications wireless, energy for interpersonal verbal communication.

The Green Code works with the Green Pad.

The Green Pad is a self-embedded to stick to the cell using a Green Patch on the forehead. The Green Pad is autorecyclabe and available free to residents. It is also edible and bio.

Green Patch is the sticker for the implementation of the Green Pad round on every front.

The operation of this Green Pad will be communicated to residents through a Green Pack.

The Green Pack is a cardboard box, on the principle of internet box, in which there is a user in pictograms, Green Patch and Green Pad.

This interactive device will take office since the Green Box will be connected via the Green Pad Green Network (wired network).

The Green NetWork wired networks are connected:

or from apartments to Green Giant Box and outdoor.
is from Green Pad towards Green Box Phones: interactions between two carriers Green Pad.