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10 tips for a successful resale of the phone!

Re-use of smart phones democratizes with a wide range of services, such as online, offers to purchase and resale of equipment packages. This is good news for the planet, because this gesture (re) is by far the most effective way to limit the environmental impact of your phone. It is also good news for the currency of your protein because some of the equipment that was purchased for several hundred dollars.

Faster and more accurately the tendency for the control group offers a list of 10 practical tips that will simplify the dealership smartphone or tablet, and you can make sure that everything is done in the best conditions. You’ll be more inclined to repeat this process.

1 - Recycle quickly
In the same manner as the car is converted to the electronic device drawdown time. This decline is accelerating launch of a new model téléphonepopulaire and big brand like Apple or Samsung for a few days, the iPhone can lose 50 to 60 €. Sell ​​mobile phone the higher the price, so it is best to do so as soon as the device is not used.

2 - Using a control group
The development of the recycling market comparators initiated support consumers reselling phones. Prices and services sites for refurbishment / recycling compared to it allows users to find all the necessary information. Enjoy it!

3 - Do not exaggerate the state of the device
When the dealership smartphone, it shall notify the kunto.Puhelin that does not turn can not be used even if the look is perfect!
If a false report, the redemption proposal made by the site will be updated according to the actual state of laitteen.Uusi proposal is then sent to the seller: In case of refusal the new price, the seller incur costs to retrieve his mobile phone!

4 - Check the services offered by
The purchase price is often the first argument to select a service to another. However, this is not the only factor to consider. It is also offered to check the site and ask the right questions: housing is proposed to send to the terminal? Shipping has already been paid? What are the means and the time of payment? Site is reachable if there is a dispute? What are your opinions on the place chosen? It is obvious to choose a site that promotes rehabilitation for re-use in conjunction with recycling service (the destruction of the unit to apply for precious metals).

5 - Remove personal information
Before sending your completed, it is highly recommended to reset it by restoring factory settings. All models of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets offer a "reset" in the settings. If you forget, do not panic, the data will be removed refurbisher / recycler.

6 - Remove all the cards in the mobile
It is necessary to remove all the cards in your mobile phone before its remanufacturing or recycling. Is the SIM card as well as memory cards, think of retreat, because recycling facilities are required to destroy them if they stay in place.

7 - Keep the accessories and original box
Accessories such as charger, cigarette lighter charger or hands-free is not required for the sites and should therefore be retained. Similarly, in original box must not be sent.

8 - Do not forget the packaging before sending the mobile
If a site does not offer recycling of selected envelope or cardboard, it is important to make sure its packaging unit with care. Any damage or theft during transport can not be kept responsible for the site, which bought the mobile. Also, avoid packages that allow you to see the product inside: nothing better than a good cardboard taped to protect the equipment, which can be worth up to $ 500.

9 - Follow package delivery
When a packet is sent, it is recommended that you follow (if possible) on a regular basis, where delivery is correct. Mobile phones to high-value insurance and package tracking information is necessary in order to avoid problems!

10 - do not expect disputes
The package is stopped by during delivery? Two weeks is received by the mobile site and still no news? You should contact the site quickly and confirms that the resale takes place oikein.Vertailuryhmässä included in these users to resolve their disputes sites for remediation / recycling.

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